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referral.GIF (3894 bytes) Apogeo is driven by customers' satisfaction. We believe that no one can judge our professionalism better than our customers. Their unbiased words are the best advertisement of our services. We are committed to build a long and consistent track record of rewarding referrals.

This page lists some excerpts from Apogeo's customers referrals. They offer some insight in our capability of consistently delivering products that exceed customer specifications,  on time and  within budget.


Bruno has worked with me on many projects throughout the years as both an employee (initially) and a consultant. He originally joined my team that developed X/OS, the Unix System running on Olivetti hardware in the second half of the eighties. There are not enough good things I can say about Bruno: he is dependable, thorough, responsible and he shows incredible integrity commitment and dedication in his work. His experience in complex system developments is remarkable. He is able to diagnose and resolve the most intricate problems even in extremely complex systems. His thorough background and understanding of Unix, the Windows kernel and environment and networking is remarkable. The quality of the documentation and specifications Bruno is capable of producing is very unusual for clarity and thoroughness. He has outstanding architectural and design skills and can draw from his enormous baggage of knowledge and skills and, on top of that, he is extremely hands-on, which gives him the grounding one needs in designing complex systems. On top of all this, he is always very unbiased in his assessments. He is extremely personable and technical disagreements are always handled in the most professional way and exclusively on the basis of technical merit. He is also a real gentleman. Professionals like him are hard to find.


Francesco Lacapra
Co-founder and VP Engineering
MaxiScale, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA

Bruno Sartirana designed and developed a file repacking utility and a driver for a high-end PCI Express compression board for our 64-bit ONTAP. He also wrote a test program capable of stressing the driver in a large number of regular and corner cases. Eventually, Bruno integrated the driver with our file system. He came up to speed quickly, and produced well-commented, well-documented, high-quality software working independently. Bruno took care of all aspects of the project, including dealing with the compression board vendor for problems and updates.

We are very satisfied with Bruno's performance and would consider having him help us on other projects. 

Jayanta K. Dey
Director, DRG Engineering
Network Appliance
Sunnyvale, CA

I have worked with Bruno in an engineering capacity for over 2 years now, and have come to know him as a true professional who can be relied upon not only to get the job done but also to do it with a great attitude.

The nature of the work has been both complex and not well defined since it has included areas of technology that have not been documented by our third-party vendors. Despite this, Bruno’s expertise and tenacity could always be relied on to overcome whatever issues came up.

It is without hesitation that I commend Bruno as a great engineer for whatever endeavor we may choose to undertake.

Alan Brown
VP Engineering
Attune Systems Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

...I have been very satisfied with the quality of Bruno's work, which he completed under very tight deadlines. Bruno has earned my strong recommendation for his professionalism and performance..


John Klein
Sr. Director
Symbol Technologies
San Jose, CA

...You did an absolutely FANTASTIC job, better than most of the rest of us.


Bob Alfieri
Sr. H/W Architect
Nvidia Corporation
Santa Clara, CA

...thank you for helping us resolve our recent NT iSCSI driver problem. You were very busy with other clients, yet you put in the extra effort by working late during the week and on weekends to diagnose our problem and work on a solution. Your extra effort was truly appreciated and you will be the first person we call for any future NT or Windows work. Thank you again.


David J. Myers
Manager Software Engineering
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Maple Grove, MN

Apogeo designed and implemented the NT version of one of our best-selling UNIX products. The task was extremely challenging... Apogeo impressed us with their deep knowledge of the NT kernel and Win32 environment. They re-wrote the software from scratch, and delivered a very high quality product in a short time. We shipped the product to our Beta customers, and, after two months of use, no error has been reported. Apogeo has been very responsive to all our requests. All their deliverables exceeded our quality expectations. Apogeo has earned our highest recommendation for their knowledge of Windows NT and the quality of their work. They have become our reference consulting company for the Windows NT platform.


Paul Wang
Solution-Soft Systems, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

I would like to thank both you and Marco Paganini for your contributions to the LANdisk program over the past year. Marco has truly been one of the key members of our engineering team. His professionalism and expertise in the design and implementation of the user interface were very valuable elements of the product we were developing. He worked very well with all our engineers, marketers, and tech writers on our team, and has become a very good friend to many of us at Quantum. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work together again in the future.


Josh Lindsay
Project Manager
Quantum Corp.
Milpitas, CA

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"...[Apogeo] contributed to both the strategy as well as the definition and design of the first CopperCom products. We highly appreciate their capability of designing, documenting and presenting complex software architectures for the telecommunications market based on innovative technologies. Their recommendations for some hardware solutions to improve system throughput and flexibility have also been of great value. We plan to use the results of their work in our high-end product line. Apogeo has earned our recommendation for their professionalism and skills."

Charlie Bass
CopperCom, Inc.
Cupertino, CA

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"...I wanted to let you know how pleased I have been during the months you have been working with us here at NetFRAME. Your knowledge of and experience with Windows NT, and with SNMP, have been of tremendous help in the successful introduction of our NF9000 product. Your professionalism and work style made it easy for the team to work with you.
I look forward to further opportunities for us to work together."

Walter Wallach
Chief Technology Director
NetFrame Systems, Inc.
Milpitas, California
"...Their work has been of high quality, was delivered on schedule, and we have been well satisfied with their technical competence and professional approach."

Tamir Ram
NetFrame Systems, Inc.
Milpitas, CA

ref-ricoh.gif (3383 bytes) "...In my opinion, Bruno is a sound-thinking and hard-working person. His intelligence can catch the nerve-touching spirit of a leading design project very quickly, and he usually can provide useful and creative suggestions in a relatively short time. Bruno is also a very responsible and well-trained engineer in the Silicon Valley: all the documentation, drawings and specifications that he delivered to Ricoh have been of first-class quality. In the past ten months of Bruno's involvement in the V20 Project, all the V20 team members have had a good and happy experience working with him, and have built sincere trust for him. If there are more opportunities down the road, I would like to work with Bruno again. I sincerely believe Bruno deserves the greatest success with his consulting business. I am happy to give him my highest recommendation ever for an engineer."

Robin S. Lo
Ricoh Corporation
San Jose, CA


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"...Apogeo provided us with a thorough Windows NT portability study targeted to our T9000 transputer. We were fully satisfied with the level of quality of their work, and we are now using Apogeo for several activities related to our new general-purpose RISC processor family.
Roberto Fantechi
SGS-Thomson Microelectronics
Agrate Brianza, Italy

Bristol, UK

ref-wd.gif (2139 bytes) "...Apogeo delivered all the [five] drivers on schedule and met all quality requirements. We were very satisfied with the quality of their work, as well their competence, promptness and availability in responding to our requests during the entire project. We recommend Apogeo to any company that needs high-quality work done on schedule and within budget."

Arun Mittal
Sr. Manager
Western Digital Corporation
Irvine, CA


ref-olivetti.gif (1698 bytes) "...Apogeo founders, Bruno Sartirana and Raffaele Sena, both worked for Olivetti for more than ten years. They have always been excellent engineers, working on our most critical and innovative software projects worldwide. Bruno also performed very well in managerial positions. We regret we were not able to convince them to remain at Olivetti."

Ivano Gregori
Olivetti Advanced Technology Center
Cupertino, CA


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